First NaNoNetworking Day

July 22, 2009, Barcelona, Spain

Nanotechnology is enabling the development of devices in a scale ranging from one to a few hundred nanometers able to perform specific tasks at the nano-level such as computing, data storing, sensing or actuation. Nano-devices are expected to expand their capabilities through coordination, information sharing and fusion. There is the need to define the way in which a single nano-device will communicate with other nano-devices in light of their physical and practical limitations. Classical communication paradigms are not suitable for communication at the nano-scale and they need to undergo a profound rethinking and redesign in order to meet the requirements of the new nanonetworks' applications. In addition, existing networking architectures have to be completely revised in light of this new communication paradigm. While the research community in the recent years has been mainly focused on nanotechnology and nano-devices, we are going one step ahead to address the nanonetwork communication problem, which involves concepts on channel modeling, information theory, protocols and network architecture.

The two-fold mission of this workshop is to point out open challenges involving communications at the nano-scale as well as to help creating community to address this multidisciplinary new paradigm.


Welcome / Opening Josep Solé Pareta
Eduard Alarcón
NanoCommunications: an Overview Ian F. Akyildiz
Georgia Tech & UPC
Information Theory for Molecular Communication Networks Massimiliano Pierobon
Georgia Tech
An Electromagnetic and Quantum Theory Perspective for
Nano-scale Communication in the Terahertz Band
Josep Miquel Jornet Montana
Georgia Tech
Neuro-cortical Molecular Communications in Human Intra-body Nanonetworks
(in order to obtain a copy of the slides, please contact Enric Claverol at )
Enric Claverol
Molecular Communications for Cardiac Bio-Implants in Human Intra-Body Nanonetworks Ramón Bragós